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  1. Hi,I have a 2002 Fiesta Zetec 1.4 TDCI. Recently it has lost a lot of power. It is pulls away slowly even thoguh my foot is flat on the floor. It is also struggles to maintain 70mph in 5th gear if there is even a slight incline I have to drop it into 4th.I’ve taken it to my local garage who couldn’t diagnose any problems, althoguh they said they didn’t have the right equipment for diesels. They replaced the fuel filter but this hasn’t made any difference.Any ideas?Cheers,Andy

    • Hi Andy!

      I am assuming you are using WMO or some form of waste oil as your fuel. Could you provide some more information for me as to what your blend is or how long you have been running it?

      Assuming you are running WMO, it sounds like you are having coking issues or issues with your fuel bing too thick. Is the car smoking? You may want to try to run a heavy dose of injector cleaner through it with a tank of standard diesel.

      On another note, your 2002 vehicle may have a modern diesel with a common rail style injection model. If this is the case, they typically do not do well with black diesel. It can be done, but only with caution and lower doses of oil. Maybe consider blending diesel with your oil mix would help?

      Keep me updated.

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