2 comments on “Problems, Answers, etc: Solutions to Waste Oil Cleaning

  1. Good read. I wish you would write more.
    I question, as I want other readers to do it right, you comment at the end of the article where you mention “Settle, and only pull from the bottom to transfer and settle again.” Did you intend to write “only pull from the TOP to transfer” ?

  2. It was worded badly. I meant the only time you should pull from the bottom is to move to another container, and In my my mind I was picturing what I do, which is pull from the bottom of my transports, and suction trailer. In all of my storage and settling operations I never pull from the bottom. I only go deep enough in the liquid to extract enough for the batch by using the gallon markers on the side of a tote.

    This spring I am going to move to a 3 stage water removal operation. Transport will dump into container one from the bottom. It will then overflow into stage two which will do the same thing into stage three and then into the first settling station. By doing so I will tie up 165 gallons of oil, but I think it will pay off in the long run.

    Instead of arbitrarily determining a batch is clean after X hours of fuging, I run several hours and then inspect the fuges, if they are relatively clean, then so is the oil. If they are full or almost full, then the batch has more time to go.

    -Josh Carmack

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