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    • I would say that most of the time (90% or so) I used the grey/silver bottle of DieselKleen. Sometimes I used Seafoam, but mostly I used DieselKleen. I would always double the suggested amount, since the bottle says it can be used without harm. I am assuming that the majority of the coking came from cold starts where I hadn’t purged with diesel. During the summer months, I never switched tanks and I only used WMO/W85 as fuel.

  1. Have you figured out the coking issue? I wonder if a water meth or propane injection would help with this problem.

    • No, I never did. I’ve just been more cautious about my running conditions and how I process my oil. Things have been better with advanced timing and Diesel Kleen. I also tried Kreen from Kano Labs and I think I’ll use that any time I have coking in the future. It worked great. As far as water/meth injection goes, I’m not quite at the point I’m ready to dive into that. I just started to go back to school for engineering, so my time is limited. However, I have heard it works well.

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